Kentucky RV Park Dilemma May Be Settled

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A special-called city commission meeting Tuesday (Nov. 30) could put an end to a two-year battle between the owners of Lakeview RV Park LLC and the city of Richmond, Ky.

The meeting’s agenda has only one item of business — Order 10-146: “An Order of the Board of Commissioners for the City of Richmond, Kentucky, Entering into a Settlement Agreement Concerning Pending Litigation and Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Written Agreement on Behalf of the City,” the Richmond Register reported

The commission will meet at 2 p.m. and the meeting will take place in the conference room on the first floor of city hall.

If the commission adopts the order agreeing on a settlement, the issue will be laid to rest. If the order is voted down, it will mean the lawsuit will be settled through the Madison Circuit Court system, according to Richmond Mayor Connie Lawson.

“We thought it would be better to make the decision now,” Lawson said. “It didn’t seem right to leave it for the next administration.”

The commission entered into a lease with Lakeview RV Park LLC on Feb. 26, 2008, during a commission meeting.

The lease would have allowed Camp Catalpa, a 15-acre tract of land owned by the city located off Catalpa Loop Road on the east bank of Lake Reba in Richmond, to be turned into an recreational vehicle park for public use.

However, the commission rescinded the decision on March 25 after strong community opposition was voiced.

In June, city commissioners Bill Strong, Robert Blythe, Mike Brewer and former commissioner Kay Cosby Jones were dismissed as defendants, both individually and in their official capacities, in the case.

According to a June 7 ruling by Madison Circuit Court Judge Jean C. Logue, the remaining issue is whether the city illegally breached the contract with Lakeview RV Park LLC.

The lawsuit’s settlement has been the topic of rumors for the past several months, some coming from a popular public forum website and some leaking out of Richmond City Hall.

Several settlement amounts have been rumored to be from $800,000 to $1 million.

The Richmond City Commission has met in executive session several times in recent months to work on settling the matter.

“We’ve put in at least 20 hours (in executive session),” Lawson said.

Avenues to obtain the money needed for the lawsuit’s settlement have not publicly been discussed by commissioners.


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