Missing Cat Returned to RV Park Visitors

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Thanks to the kindness of strangers a visiting couple who lost their cat a few weeks ago while staying at Durango RV Park in Red Bluff, Calif., was reunited with him on Nov. 11.

If you were to get lost anywhere in the world, Red Bluff is the place to be, Durango Activity Director Bianca Williams told the Red Bluff Daily News. This was a huge community effort and this story helps convey what a tight knit community this is.

While Rod and Jan Carter, a couple visiting from Florida, were staying at the park, two of their cats got out of their motorhome, but only one was found right away.

The couple’s cat Iniki, a silver and grey Burmese with striking yellow eyes, slipped out of their motorhome and seemed to vanish, Williams said.

They were just devastated. The friendly staff along with vacationing guests immediately formed a search party and the teary-eyed Carters stayed an additional day searching for him until they had to leave because of a prior commitment in San Diego.

A few days later, Charlotte Pertz, an extended day guest, heard a loud meowing under her rig. It was Durango Manager Pam Cappello who crawled under the rig getting downright greasy until she managed to grab him, Williams said.

Employees immediately set to work to get care for the cat and look for a way to get him home with Kristen Gray calling local vets and Alicia Ison calling airlines to see about getting him home, she said.

Antelope Veterinary Clinic put Iniki, whose name means hurricane, put him up for five days before employee Debra Newby offered to take him home to rest.

Park employees put up posters asking for help in getting Iniki home. The cost to fly a cat was quite expensive and staff began to look for other options, including a ride to San Diego, Williams said.

Times are very tough in this economy and not many people would be willing to make a 12-plus hour drive to bring a cat home, Williams said. We had an overwhelming response from this community and finally Pat and Nancy Patterson offered to be the transporters.

A story like this just warms your heart.

The Pattersons, originally from San Jose, have been staying in Durango for the season and offered to make a special trip to reunite Iniki with his owners.

With three cats of their own, the Pattersons said they could relate to the pain of losing a pet and hoped that others would be willing to do the same if they were in a similar situation.

The couple left Red Bluff and 4 a.m. Thursday and on Friday the Durango staff received a phone call to let them know that Iniki was now safely home.


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