Park Owner Don Temple Remembers His Roots

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Many Texas Hill Country residents know Don Temple as a businessman who helped  transform Guadalupe River RV Resort from a relatively unknown campground into a  thriving resort that has become of one of the most highly rated parks in Texas, according to a news release.

What many don’t know, however, is that Temple grew up as an orphan and lived in poverty for most of his youth.

“My Dad died when I was 6, and there were eight of us kids. My Mom couldn’t afford to raise us. So we were all put into an orphanage in Dallas,” Temple said. “It wasn’t a whole lot of fun. There was no family life. Money was always short. If we ever got new shoes, they were donated by the Salvation Army.”

Through hard work, Temple has left poverty behind. But he hasn’t forgotten what life is like for orphans and other children in difficult circumstances. For the past 10 years, in fact, he has organized fundraising efforts and other special activities to bring love, home cooked meals, gifts and cheer into the lives of orphans during the holidays.

For the past five years, Temple has been inviting orphan children from K’Star children’s shelter to join visiting Winter Texans at his RV resort for free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Temple’s winter visitors typically purchase enough food to supply K-Star for four to six weeks in addition to buying gifts for the children and visiting with them.

“Our winter guests are really generous people and they’ve all got a good heart,” Temple said. “Most of them are elderly. They’re grandparents. And they’re not around the kids during the winter. But the time they spend with the children and gifts they bring really mean something to these kids. Many of them don’t have any family.”

Temple also raises donations to contribute to K-Star’s operating funds. He said he hopes to encourage other Hill Country businesses to provide similar services to help the less fortunate children in the area.

“I resolved that when I became an adult, I would help as many kids as I could,” Temple said.

For more information on Guadalupe River RV Resort, please contact Don Temple at (830) 367-5676 and visit his website at


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