Rare Bug’s Presence Dooms Campground Plan?

November 10, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on Rare Bug’s Presence Dooms Campground Plan?

A plan to put a primitive campground near the end of Park Point in Duluth, Minn., could be history.

Officials with Duluth Parks and Recreation say they are awaiting word from the Minnesota DNR on the environmental impact of putting a recreation hotspot near the unique habitat that juts into Lake Superior, KQDS-TV, Duluth, reported.

Coordinator Kathy Bergen says not to give up hope on the project. The campsites would be located near the end of Park Point.

She says it is about a 45-minute walk one way from where the road ends on Park Point. The site would face Lake Superior.

However, after learning about two rare species near the campsite, the required DNR approval does not look promising.

“Beach grasses that are endangered on the list and there’s a beetle out there that lives in the sand apparently that is either on the list or soon will be on the list. So now, all of those concerns come into play that we weren’t originally aware of so we are waiting to hear from the DNR,” Bergen said.

A biologist in communication with the camping task force identifies the bug as a species of tiger beetle. Minnesota lists the bug’s status as “concerning” in the state.

City Councilor Dan Hartman says the DNR will take a walkthrough of the site next week.

A task force reviewing the issue for Duluth Parks and Recreation will make a recommendation after hearing back from the DNR. A final decision may not come until next year.


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