Settlement May Be Near in Kentucky Land Suit

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Rumors are circulating that the lawsuit between the city of Richmond, Ky., and Lakeview RV Park LLC has been settled behind closed doors, the Richmond Register reported.

Others have added to that rumor, saying the commission did not want to make a public vote until after Tuesday’s election.

“The things that happen in executive session should stay in executive session, but they’re not,” said Richmond City Commissioner Mike Brewer. “And what’s being said is not accurate.”

The commission remains in the litigation process that is a result of a lawsuit stemming from an alleged breach of contract.

The Richmond City Commission entered into a lease with Lakeview RV Park LLC on Feb. 26, 2008, during a commission meeting.

The lease would have allowed Camp Catalpa, a 15-acre tract of land owned by the city located off Catalpa Loop Road on the east bank of Lake Reba in Richmond, to be turned into a recreational vehicle park for public use.

However, the commission rescinded the decision on March 25 after strong community opposition was voiced to the area being used as an RV park.

In June, city commissioners Bill Strong, Robert Blythe, Mike Brewer and former commissioner Kay Cosby Jones were dismissed as defendants, both individually and in their official capacities, in the case.

According to a June 7 ruling by Madison Circuit Court Judge Jean C. Logue, the remaining issue is whether the city illegally breached the contract with Lakeview RV Park LLC.

“We’ve had at least five different proposals to work this out,” Brewer said. “They’re all still on the table. I think we have a chance to settle this.”

As for the figures mentioned in the rumor — “We have discussed that proposal, but we have not made a decision,” Brewer said. “We’re trying to put it together.”

Another rumor is that the commission intentionally planned to wait until after next Tuesday’s election to make a decision.

“I don’t care if we settle before or after (the election), but I want it to be right for the city of Richmond. We will at some point in time meet with the Grants again and try to move forward.”

Commissioner Bill Strong said he did not agree with how the lawsuit was being handled.

“From the very beginning, I told them I would not be for settling out of court,” Strong said. “I felt like our chances would be a lot better letting a judge decide. It’s a known fact that I was in opposition of going this route. I’m for going to court and taking our chances.”

Interim City Manager Jimmy Howard and commissioner Rita Smart did not wish to comment on the issue.

Richmond Mayor Connie Lawson and Commissioner Robert Blythe could not be reached for comment.


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