Texas Seasonal Park Model Plan Rejected

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West Orange, Texas, city council members took citizen concerns to heart and unanimously voted Nov. 15 against allowing a permit to be issued for an RV park populated with park model units in a local neighborhood, The Orange Leader reported.

According to attorney Lance Fox of Creighton, Fox, Johnson and Mill PLLC, the RV park would be operated on behalf of USA Self Storage Inc., which is based in Beaumont, and owners Scott and Cynthia Monroe.

Orange is a city of 20,000 on the Texas/Louisana border.

USA Self Storage currently owns and operates three RV parks, which are located in Port Arthur, Kemah, and Canton, Texas, and Fox said the property located on Elkport Road would be well suited for such a business. Fox said Monroe was approached by Community Bank, which currently owns the property, to see if he would be interested in developing it.

“We don’t want to do anything to upset the city or members of the community,” Fox said. “This would not be your typical RV park. It would be for plant workers or seasonal workers, as well as seasonal residents and other tenants who would be staying six months to a year.”

Fox stated this RV park would be like Monroe’s other parks, which have on-site management, security, a curfew and various other rules and regulations. However, the request for a permit to build an RV park was also accompanied by several requests for variances on current city ordinances.

One such variance request pertained to the width of RVs within a park. Fox stated Monroe also likes “to own and operate several of the RVs within the park, so he has greater control” of what goes on in the park.

“The Rs are like small park model units and are wider than what the current city ordinance allows,” Fox stated.

Another variance request pertained to the ownership and occupancy of the RVs within the park, which is not allowed by the RV park operator under current city ordinance.

Fox said questionnaires were sent to residents of the neighborhood this past Saturday asking for feedback on the proposed on RV park and their concerns.

“We’re just looking for an indication from council if we should continue going forward on this project or not,” Fox said.

During the public comments portion of the meeting, Elkport resident Deana Laughlin read from a letter on behalf of several fellow residents urging council to take no action on the matter, instead of hastily approving the request, in order to give residents and council more time to research the request.

Councilman Dale Dardeau made the motion to deny the request for an RV park by USA Self Storage, Inc., which received a second from Mike Shugart Sr.

Before the council could take action, Fox urged council to “table the matter” until a later date and invited all council members to visit any one of the three other parks operated by Monroe to see how well run they are and alleviate any concerns they might have.

With the motion already made, council members voted 5-0 to deny the request for a permit for an RV park.


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