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Still accessible on the Internet

With the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo still running in the “on demand” status and attendees still viewing the exhibit booths and watching the recorded webinars, the producers of the expo are seeking opinions about the show and looking forward to the next version.

The groundbreaking event ran live on the Internet Nov. 1-3. discovered in a survey that the expo received mixed reviews from participants, but most agreed the concept was a good one.

According to a news release from Art Lieberman, expo producer, a survey conducted by the software provider of a very small sampling of attendees does provide some honest answers about the event:

  • On Registration: Over 70% of respondents said that the registration process was informative, easy, simple to complete and the information requested was pertinent to their registration. Of those answering, less than 10% disagreed.

Questions pertaining to the Exhibits and the software provided less enthusiastic responses:

  • Nearly 50% of attendees said that the Exhibit Hall was NOT easy to navigate, or that the exhibit booths did not provide easy access or that it was not easy to find what attendees were looking for. Nearly 25% of respondents had no opinion on these questions, leaving only 25% satisfied with the exhibit hall setup.
  • Over 70% of respondents were satisfied with the video and audio signal, although there were some intermittent problems with both, and 70% also did not make use of the Lounge at the show.
  • Perhaps the most disturbing response from those who answered the survey was that generally only 40% agreed that the software was easy to use, met their needs or was everything they expected.

But Producers were heartened at the overall appeal of a virtual show:

  • Nearly 75% said they would recommend a virtual show to a colleague and nearly 75% also said that they would attend a virtual show in the future. Producers Lieberman and Deanne Bower were extremely encouraged by this response.

The software company, while not admitting any errors in the expo functionality, has returned money for two of the three customization fees that were paid. Lieberman stated that, “We are hoping that either corrections can be made in the software to permit us to use this company again, or we will choose another such company. We are reviewing our options. In the meantime, there are several options we are pursuing, such as a co-production with other companies or entity and changing the time of year the expo will be produced. We would very much like to keep our Advisory Board together as we go forward.”

Several exhibitors, especially those dealing in hard goods that are sold to stores in hospitality industry businesses, have suggested that the expo be held in early spring – perhaps in February.

“If we decide to go in that direction,” said Bower, “we would skip 2011 and aim for February 2012. That would also give us quite a bit of time to get others onboard, find the appropriate software and market the next Expo.”

This year’s version of the Virtual Expo can still be attended by logging on at

Comments about the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo can be directed to the producers by e-mail at More information about the expo can be found at or by calling them at (877) 901-EXPO (3976).

Meanwhile, the software from the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Show is capable of producing some rather amazing statistic relevant to attendees. Though the Expo will run until February and approximately twenty new attendees are logging in every week, here are statistics from the opening of the event on Nov. 1 through noon on Nov. 20.

  • Total computerized registration, 3,370.
  • Unique Visitors (individual attendees), 447.
  • Number of total visits, 2,352.
  • Average visits per visitor, 5.26.
  • Average length of stay, 28 minutes.
  • Booth video views, 261.
  • Document downloads, 532.
  • ConferenceRoom presentation views, 712.
  • Contact us click throughs, 266.
  • Website click throughs, 272.
  • Visits by day of the week: Monday, 1,168; Tuesday, 615; Wednesday, 418; Thursday, 74; Friday, 55; Saturday, 13; and, Sunday, 9. (The expo ran live Monday-Wednesday).
  • Visits by time of day: Midnight – 6 a.m., 34, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., 83; 9 a.m. to noon, 533; noon to 3 p.m., 971; 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., 580; 6 p.m.- to 9 p.m., 109; and 9 p.m. to midnight, 42 . (The expo ran live noon to 6 p.m.).

Statistics for each exhibit are also produced and a breakdown of registration information for each attendee is being maintained by the expo producers.


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