Alberta’s Banff National Park Booze Ban Official

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After a successful summer initiative banning alcohol at campgrounds on long weekends in Alberta’s Banff National Park, the park will uphold the ban in future years to keep those weekends family friendly, the Banff Crag and Canyon reported.

Superintendent Kevin Van Tighem said at the Banff National Park planning forum last week that feedback from campers told them it was an “instant success.”

“I think we will really see Banff as the place to be if you want to camp with your family,” he said.

Parks Canada initiated the liquor ban over the summer to evaluate whether it would be appropriate as a permanent initiative. Throughout the summer, Parks Canada staff reported frontcountry campgrounds were packed with people over the long weekends and they were much quieter with the booze ban in place.

“We’ve concluded we will continue with the same kind of liquor ban next year,” Van Tighem said.

Though he said he wanted to move away from the term “ban,” as he preferred to highlight how they’re implementing this restriction to promote family camping.

“I don’t like to think of it as a liquor ban. I like to think of it as family friendly camping,” he said.

Monica Andreeff, executive director of the Association of Mountain Parks Protection and Enjoyment, wanted to see Banff present the ban that way to visitors because, “Externally the perception is there’s just too many rules and regulations in a national park.

“I understand why they’re doing it because of rowdy campers, but I think it has to be presented in a different style.

“The intentions are good to keep those weekends as family centred experiences and I agree with that, but I think the way we market that and explain that has to be different.”

This summer was the first time the park banned alcohol at their frontcountry campsites during long weekends, though other national parks have similar policies about liquor at campsites.


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