Commissioners Give OK to Texas RV Park

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The Gonzales County Commissioner’s Court in Gonzales, Texas, held a special called meeting on Dec. 21 in which they accepted a plat for an RV park on County Road 173 just outside of Nixon.

Cindy Pieprzica, a landowner in Gonzales County, has a 20- acre section of land approximately 1/8 mile outside the city of Nixon on which she wants to set up hook-up spaces for RVs, the Gonzales Inquirer reported.

“We came to the conclusion that the original application that we submitted to the court could be applied for with variance of 30 feet of usage,” said Pieprzica. “The other thing was redemption fees from motorhomes or mobile homes, in essence fees scheduled that are made applicable to something appropriate for an RV park.”

County Attorney Paul Watkins addressed issues regarding variances, or administrative exceptions to land-use regulations.

“It is my opinion that the court would definitely not want to get into the habit of creating variances on these types of things,” advised Watkins. “It will open a floodgate for you and cause lots of problems. At the same time I will present to you that this particular application is a little different, because we made the amendments to our regulations after Mrs. Pieprzica started her project. She has willingly and cooperatively complied with all guidelines, and if you choose to do a variance, I think this would be an inappropriate situation.”

Pieprzica also elaborated on space sizes for the project. “The entryway size is 40 feet, which I believe conforms to the subdivision standards,” she said. “In the mobile home regulations, the guidelines state that the road ridges have to be 50 feet, like a regular city lot, and we’re asking that ours be 30 feet wide. So, if there are 10 of them, there will be 300 feet of property involved in the actual RV space. This would require 15 feet of gravel or pad as well as 15 feet of grass.”

At the discussion’s end, a motion was made and seconded by the court to accept the plat. A starting date for the project has not been made official as of yet.


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