Kansas RV Park Developer Gets Needed OK

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E. Tom Pyle gained approval from McPherson County, Kan. Commissioners to open an RV park Tuesday (Dec. 7), capping a nearly two-month process involving multiple hearings by the county planning and zoning board and weeks of deliberation by  the commissioners, The McPherson Sentinel reported.

Commissioners voted unanimously to override the planning and zoning board’s recommendation, which twice recommended disapproval, based on concessions Pyle made to allow platting and backing off his desire to operate a private sewer system. County planning regulations state that Pyle must connect to available city sewer and utility systems.

However, because the county has only decided the zoning issue, Pyle now has to go before the city’s planning and zoning commission to continue, as the area in question resides in the city’s extrajudical territory. Pyle will have to go through the platting process with the city, as well as filing a required floodplain study.

“The next step is (Pyle) working with a surveyor or engineer to draw up a subdivision plan for the city,” said County Planning and Zoning Administrator Kenneth Cook. “At the same time, he needs to talk to the city about utility services.”

City of McPherson Planning Administrator Tom Stinemetze informed county commissioners that while the city has made no final determination on utilities, the city commission will probably allow it with conditions of its own.

“I think there are issues we could deal with,” Stinemetze said.

The special use resolution County Commissioners passed is good for one year, in which time Pyle must file a plat with the Register of Deeds.


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