Oil/Gas Firm Takes Lead in RV Park Project

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An RV park for workers in the natural gas industry is being planned for Canton Township near  Towanda, Pa., according to the Bradford County Planning Commission.

A report filed with the planning commission notes that Chesterfield RV LLC is proposing to convert an existing shale/gravel area to the RV park, which would have associated kitchen-, dining-, managers-, recreational-, and laundry-dedicated units, the Towanda Daily Review reported.

In addition, the report notes the site is about 6.8 total acres and is located at the northeast terminal end of Dauber Road, past the intersection of Dauber Road and Twigg Lane, in Canton Township.

Todd Harris, vice president with the U.S. operations of RA Global Services, based in Dallas, Texas, said his company will bring in the RVs and provide the laundry, recreation and dining services. Chesterfield will remain the owner of the land in this “joint venture,” he said.

Harris said the RVs are customized and 48 feet long. He said they stand alone and are fully self-contained.

The report notes that the proposed land development project includes construction of 30 RV housing units, including the managers’ unit, as well as five additional dedicated units for dining (two), kitchen, recreation, and laundry, and a minor storm water management facility.

According to Harris, the development will be an “open camp” with 180 beds.

“There’s quite a few people that have a need for it,” he said, noting it would be useful for people from out of the area working in the natural gas industry locally.

He noted that Cudd and Schlumberger have signed letters of intent to house their workers at the park. Currently, Harris said Chesterfield is soliciting bids to start construction to bring in utilities to the site. He didn’t know exactly when it would open.

Bradford County planner Lauren Hotaling said the plans were given “conditional preliminary approval” at the planning commission’s October meeting. Before the next step of preliminary approval is given, the commission needs several items regarding fire protection and storm water issues, she said.

Once these items are provided and approved by the commission, the preliminary approval can be granted, Hotaling said.

The paperwork notes that all runoff water from the site will discharge toward un-named tributaries of Beech Flats Creek and an un-named tributary of Towanda Creek, and erosion and sediment control practices for the site include the use of silt soxx, a stabilized construction entrance, and temporary/permanent seeding.

Hotaling said the Canton Township supervisors have provided a comment on the plans, stating that they want to make sure Dauber Road is developed properly.

The township supervisors couldn’t be reached for comment.


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