Texas RV Park Residents Living in Limbo

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Residents living at the RV World trailer park in Harlingen, Texas, are living in limbo. The park’s manager is nowhere to be found and no one has been paying for the park’s utilities, KRGV-TV, Rio Grande Valley, reported.

The sign in front of RV World says it’s open for business but those who live there say that no one has been taking care of their business for months now.

No one from management has taken the time to pay for their utilities causing their water and electricity to be shut off ,according to resident Lloyd DeWalt.

DeWalt says the people living in the RV park banded together and paid the utility bills themselves. However, they couldn’t pay for everything.

“A big Dumpster … they came and picked it up because she owes $700,” said Dominga Hernandez.

Hernandez is talking about is the manager who, residents say, left a note outside and never returned. When residents call the number left on paper, they get an automated answering system.

Homer claims he worked for the manager.

“She might be in Houston, she might be in California, heaven knows, but the thing is, she’s a very irresponsible person for all the things she does and she owes everyone, everybody,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to track down the owner of the RV park. The Cameron County Tax Office says the owners are out of California. They are not delinquent of their property tax but they are delinquent on their business taxes from 2008 and 2009. That business account has been deleted by the tax appraisals office.

The residents want to ask the owner what they should do, they are renting their lots for free because there’s no one to pay. They fear two things will happen: they will be evicted or the owner will return asking for months and months of back rent.


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