ARVC Asks Members to Join Chairman’s Club

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Editor’s Note: The following release comes from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC).

ARVC’s Chairman’s Club is made up of members who value and support ARVC’s very active Public Affairs programs. The support from members enables ARVC to build a strong presence in Washington, D.C., so we can meet the many important challenges and issues that face us. Our members tell us that protecting their interests and representing their voice in Washington is one of the most important functions ARVC can provide.

We cannot increase our Public Affairs programs without your help. As a Chairman’s Club member, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing everything possible to help protect the RV park and campground industry from burdensome, restrictive or unfair legislation and regulation. The Chairman’s Club is growing in importance as the challenges from government increase. We encourage you to do your part to support this program. Please consider joining the Chairman’s Club and return the form and your payment today. Thank you for your continued participation in this worthwhile program.”

To join the club, click here.

Why Join the Chairman’s Club?

  • Knowledge that you are helping to protect your business.
  • Receive an annual subscription to monthly ARVC National Issues Bulletin.
  • Special Club membership only area at annual InSites Convention and Expo.
  • Receive a special gift for joining the Chairman’s Club.

Here Are Some Key Issues For ARVC in 2011:

  • Highway Reauthorization and Funding — Continue to advocate safe and efficient highways essential to RV travel.
  • Recreation and Tourism Marketing — Preserve and protect funding for international marketing provided by the new Tourism Promotion Act adopted in 2010. Also, ensure that the interests of small businesses and rural areas are fully considered in implementation of the Travel Promotion Act.
  • Advocate for an expanded National Park Service tourism strategic plan adopted to assure that the national parks work closely with the tourism industry and local communities.
  • Small Business Tax Issues — Continue to strongly support repeal of the onerous Form 1099 reporting requirements.
  • Unfair Competition — Join with the Business Coalition for Fair Competition to work with the new Congress on reducing government competition with the private sector and continue to work with federal land agencies to re-examine campground construction and expansion plans.
  • Monitor and report on the new America’s state parks program and the apparent expansion of state park systems into the campground business.
  • Health Care Reform — Monitor and work with the national small business community to assure that implementation of the 2010 health care legislation does not negatively impact on small businesses and participate in national efforts to modify the recent legislation including opposing proposals adverse to small businesses and employer mandates.

Here Are Some of the Future Challenges:

  • Create a national resource collection capability at ARVC headquarters to monitor, track, collect and disseminate federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations that impact on the development and operation of RV parks and campgrounds.
  • Grow the ARVC National Issues Conference to create increased government awareness of the RV park and campground industry and its role in providing healthy outdoor recreation for all.
  • Support other Federal programs for tourism development and marketing, such as scenic byway expansion, development of scenic corridors and innovative public-private marketing initiatives.
  • Follow implementation of any new health care reform programs.
  • Continue to oppose tax and regulatory policies harmful to RV parks and campgrounds.

For more information contact Derek Dick at (800) 395-2267 ext 16; fax: 303-681-0426; email:


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