Campground Database Available to Industry

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Pamela Wright of FocusedWords recently announced the availability of her RV group database to the RV campground industry.

This database of over 600 names and contact information can be broken down to the states that the park wants to market to by contacting Wright by e-mail at This would eliminate one of the toughest challenges faced by the RV campground industry, she stated in a news release.

“Where once a park was able to rely on repeat business coming from families who had been staying there for generations, that is no longer the case. Statistics show that people are more mobile than ever, especially in the current economic environment,” she stated.

“Marketing efforts today are even more important to a campground. Groups can help get the campground through the shoulder season and can spread the word about the park. In order to get this business a park needs to be proactive in introducing itself to the people that plan the group rallies,” she continued.

By purchasing these targeted contacts, the job becomes one of marketing to the groups interested in the area by either e-mailing or snail mailing the marketing materials. Additionally, in getting the marketing materials together, Wright can help put a presentation package together that will present the park in the best light.

Wright  can be reached by sending an e-mail to or calling (303) 895-1124.


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