Canadian City Eyes Full-Time RV Park Residents

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Click here to watch a video, courtesy of CTV News, Waterloo, Ontario, for more information on the following story.

City councillors in Waterloo, Ontario, are considering six hardship requests submitted by residents of the Green Acre RV Park who don’t want to leave their campsites for 60 days each year.

A zoning by-law requires residents to leave for two months of the year, because the sites at Green Acre are supposed to be seasonal homes.

But 38 of them are not, and now those living on six of the sites have stepped forward.

They have known about the by-law for over a year and are asking to be exempt from it, some because it is their only home and others for health, work or personal reasons.

Ward 3 Waterloo City Councillor Angela Vieth says, “Hardship requests come from residents in the trailer park who have come across a difficulty and can’t get out for the two months they’re required to for the yea and we will not be putting people out in the cold.”

A study has shown year-round residence is a problem because the RV park doesn’t have the infrastructure needed for an apartment-style housing subdivision.

An agreement between the city and the park owners requires users to leave their trailers for 60 days between October and April.

The park’s owners have reportedly made plans to shut down for January and February starting in 2012, making it a seasonal facility.

So with or without the by-law it is possible the trailer park users will have to find other arrangements at that time.


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