RVers Improvise as Winter Temps Drop

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More people than ever are making their RVs home these days, and with these cold temperatures, it’s getting harder to get basic necessities.

After two nights of low temperatures in the teens, some people who reside in RVs are struggling just to keep home and heart warm.

Experts say 1.5 million folks make recreational vehicles their full-time residences, but when temperatures plummet recreation gives way to one’s basic needs. We caught people at one local RV park scurrying to keep the water flowing.

People we talked to say even if you plan for the frigid weather, temps in the teens can be too much for an RV’s plumbing. Gene Stallsworth has been a full time RVer for years and he says he wrapped everything with heat tape and insulation.

“I put a five-gallon bucket over it and put a heat light inside the five-gallon bucket and still it froze,” Stallsworth says.

Some RVers called “snowbirds” who migrate south with the geese were caught off guard by the Arctic blast and say they are waiting on warmer temperatures to continue their journey. But for full-timers like Gene, there’s no turning back.

“We sold everything we had and bought the RV, and here we are,” he says.

Joe Bussell owns an RV park in Carter County. He says that he sees all kinds of RV travelers and says when pipes freeze and the temperatures bottom out, there is but one solution.

“Once it freezes, you just have to wait for it to warm up,” Bussell says.

Some folks we talked to say they are borrowing showers from their neighbors who still have water, and others just say going without a shower is all part of camping.


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