RV Park Plan Faces Opposition

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A portion of residents in the Cottonwood area of Kennewick, Wash., have expressed concern over a proposed RV park site that would be built right behind their homes and not too far away from an elementary school. But, the problem is not just location, KNDU-TV, Kennewick, reported.

“We’re worried about a drop in the value, it doesn’t fit the area,” says Curt Edwards, a parent of two boys who live across from the school.

Edwards and other neighbors aren’t happy about what the RV park would bring to their rural neighborhood. Homeowner Jack Morgan is so displeased over what can come, he’s thinking of moving, “I’m thinking the road infrastructure isn’t prepared for that much traffic around here.”

The 25-acre park would have 182 spaces on its land for temporary use. But parents like Edwards, whose oldest son goes to Cottonwood Elementary school, doesn’t like the thought of the park any where around.

“We’re worried about the distraction to the kids over there. To me, it’s not high end people, and there would be drugs and stuff coming in, “explains Edwards.

The developers of the land insist this park will not be a haven for trouble makers. “We would not have our children in a place that is not unsafe. We are very family friendly oriented and we will have zero tolerance,” says co-developer of the proposed park, Charlotte Schlotfeldt. Along with her husband David.

The couple hopes to attract a more upscale group to their RV resort. But, Morgan isn’t quite sure that will last, “I’m just kind of concerned if he can’t keep the park full that then in the long run, it’s not going to be what he wanted and then maybe leasing it out or renting it out to other people on a full time or year round basis to make the payments.”

A Feb. 3 meeting at the Benton County Board of Adjustment in Prosser will be held for residents to discuss their concerns over the park.


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