ARVC Issues Members Strategic ‘Call to Action’

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Editor’s Note: The following “Strategic Planning Task Force Call to Action” comes from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) Executive Committee and Strategic Planning Committee.

In the next step of our Strategic Planning Task Force, we have set forth a process to continue our work for the betterment of ARVC, its members and partners. Please review the Purpose and Goals below, as well as the three various subcommittee teams that have been created.

If you are interested in being considered for appointment to one of these sub committee teams, please email David L. Berg at no later than March 1, 2011. Please include full contact information both electronic and otherwise including your office and cell phone numbers, as well as your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference of assigned team. Please note that any travel expenses will be the responsibility of the team members with few exceptions due to budget limitations.

Each team will determine how often they must meet, either in person or otherwise to complete the tasks assigned.

Purpose and Goals of the ARVC Strategic Planning Committee

and Strategic Planning Task Force Sub Committee Teams

The purpose of the ARVC Strategic Planning Task Force is to incorporate the work of its Task Force Teams into detailed formal recommendations to be presented to the Strategic Planning Committee who in turn shall compile formal recommendations to the full ARVC Board for consideration. The goal of the recommendations shall be to improve the working relationship between national and the state organizations, as well as improve the communication to the members, the value the members receive, and the effectiveness of the national organization, in a manner consistent with the ARVC Mission Statement.

1. The Strategic Planning Committee (hereinafter referred to as the SPC) will oversee three (3) Strategic Planning Task Force Sub Committee Teams (hereinafter referred to as the SPT Teams) each of which will be assigned specific goals and objectives. The Teams shall be known as: Roles & Responsibilities of State and National ARVC Team, Communication Planning Team, and Membership Value Team.

2. Each SPT Team will be made up of seven people consisting of SPC members (usually two), campground owners who are members of ARVC (usually three) an executive director from an affiliated or co-operating state (usually one except in the case of the Roles and Responsibilities of State and National ARVC Team where there shall be at least two state execs), and one member of the ARVC Business Forum. In all cases, each SPT Team shall total seven.

3. The SPC will advertise to the ARVC membership, State Executives, and Business Forum members looking for volunteers from across our membership to fill said SPT team positions. All SPT team positions will be voluntary and will serve at their own expense being required to meet as necessary in person as a group or via other electronic means.

4. The Chairman of ARVC, with the approval of the Executive Committee, will appoint all SPT Team members. Every effort will be made to appoint Team Members from various regions as well as various sized parks within our membership.

5. Each SPT Team will elect their own Team Leader who shall be responsible for keeping the Team on track as well as sharing/reporting of information to the SPC and other Teams as needed or requested.

6. All Teams shall meet on a regular basis until their particular task assigned has been completed, at which time a list of written recommendations shall be reported out to the SPC, but in no event later than Sept. 8, 2011. The SPC will make all recommendations of the three Teams available to the ARVC membership and all participants of the SPT Teams. The SPC shall compile and review all Team reports and bring forth various recommendations to the full ARVC BOD for action no later than The Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo (formerly InSites) 2011.

7. Goals & Purpose of the Roles & Responsibilities of the State and National ARVC Team shall be to delineate duties and responsibilities of National ARVC and state associations. The goal is to determine possible structures of cooperation and efficiency that will advance the Outdoor Hospitality Industry.

  • Evaluate the existing relationship structure of National ARVC and the State associations (Include review of Bylaws & Policy & Procedure).
  • Define roles and responsibilities of each partner and make recommendations for improving the structure for the benefit of the members.
  • Provide implementation procedures for recommendations made.

8. Goals & Purpose of the Communication Planning Team shall be to provide a communications plan that will keep the member parks informed of all vital ARVC activity and opportunity. The goal is to provide a plan that is designed to connect National ARVC, state associations, and members with continuity and mutual flow of information.

  • Critique the existing communications methods used by ARVC and the states to the members and between each partner. Include strengths and weaknesses.
  • Propose changes and improvements to the communications process that will give the greatest continuity.
  • Make recommendations for a member feedback option that can provide continued improvement in communications. Include expectations for responses to inquiries.

9. Goals & Purpose of the Value and Benefits Teamshall be to weigh the benefits of ARVC membership appropriate to the dues paid, in order to determine the essential functions that ARVC should supply to each member. The goal is to illustrate how ARVC can provide the greatest value of membership to RV Parks and campgrounds.

  • Appraise the current dues collection process of National ARVC, including those collected by the states associations.
  • Evaluate the benefits that ARVC is currently supplying to membership and prioritize them.
  • Assess the current collection process and the need for compliance to GAAP for consistent and transparent accounting procedures.
  • Provide recommendations for suggested changes in dues collection.
  • Provide recommendations for additions or deletions to members


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