Bikers’ Campground Plan Worries Neighbors

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It was all that Duncan McKinley, chairman of the Grey County planning and development committee, could do to keep order during a public meeting Monday (Feb. 7) about a motorcycle club’s controversial plans to start a campground east of Durham, Ontario, the Owen Sound Tun Times reported.

The Association of Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education (ABATE) wants official sanction for a rally on the long weekend in August and to have up to 15 trailers throughout the year for seasonal camping at the site 50 miles northwest of Toronto.

It’s some thing that the group has been doing at Lot 45, Conc. 3 in the former Glenelg Township for at least six years without proper approval and that’s irked local residents who complain of having their lives disturbed by loud parties, noisy traffic and frightened farm animals.

Elaine Bradbury said she leaves on the August long weekend because the event is too noisy and disruptive. She has small children and disputes claims by ABATE officials that the live music stops at 11 p.m.

She worries that approving the permanent campground will devalue properties located around the campground.

“Nobody will want to buy my land,” she said.

Monday’s public meeting was to consider information relating to a proposed amendment to the Grey County official plan and the West Grey comprehensive zoning bylaw.

McKinley laid out the ground rules at the start of the meeting held Monday night in Priceville, warning both sides he was only interested in hearing about planning-related issues and threatened to cut off any speaker who strayed from the topic.

There were about 100 people who turned out, half supporters of ABATE and the other half concerned and disgruntled neighbours.


2 Responses to “Bikers’ Campground Plan Worries Neighbors”

  1. Glamis Camping on February 8th, 2011 4:37 pm

    That does sound pretty annoying, I wouldn’t want my neighborhood to be disturbed by bursts of loud noise. I think it’s best if they pick a better location that would serve as a great camping ground for them, while far enough not to be a distraction for home owners.

  2. Kathy Dwyer on February 14th, 2011 5:57 pm

    I’m not sure why the muniicipality and county are so invested in protecting the rights and privileges of the bikers and abandoning so many other residents. Seems suspiscious to me.