Campgrounds Noted in Weekend-Getaways Site

February 18, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Campgrounds Noted in Weekend-Getaways Site, a leading provider of travel information, has expanded its coverage of weekend getaways across the United States. The website now features several getaways for the major cities in every state. Each getaway features the highlights of the trip, the potential cost, maps, photographs, transportation options and information about nearby hotels and campgrounds, according to a news release.

Visitors looking for information on weekend getaways can now find information not just by destination but by budget and by type. The different types of getaways featured on the site include romantic, outdoor, indoor, adventurous and many others. Furthermore the site classifies getaways by season so that it is easy to find getaways for every season no matter what city the visitor is living in.

Every weekend getaway reviewed features a thorough guide covering its amenities, activities and physical features. The website provides suggestions for the best time to visit and information about nearby lodging. The weekend getaways reviewed on the website are organized by region as well as state. Site visitors are provided with maps showing directions to the getaway as well as other nearby getaways to make locating a fun weekend activity easier than ever. Visitors can easily find the closest hotels and campgrounds as the website has teamed up with to display nearby and campground information for each weekend getaway.

Site visitors can easily provide feedback and share their own reviews on the website. One unique feature of the website is the “ask a question” link. Visitors can easily click on this link and ask specific questions about the getaway. These questions are answered on the website in a timely fashion by the staff of the website and answers may be commented on by other visitors. Visitors can easily compare hotels to get cheap hotel rates or can compare amenities and service levels as the site features hotels from the one to five stars. has been providing online travel information since 2006 and is part of the network. The network has been a reliable online resource for travelers since 1998, with a special emphasis on outdoor adventure opportunities in all 50 states.


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