Law Would Define RV Park Development Limits

February 9, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Law Would Define RV Park Development Limits

Recreational vehicle parks inside the city of Richmond, Ky., would be allowed only in areas zoned for mobile home parks, if an ordinance the city commission passed Tuesday on first reading is adopted on second reading, the Richmond Register reported.

Because the city’s zoning ordinance does not address where recreational vehicle parks could be located, the planning commission had proposed the ordinance, according to City Attorney Garrett Fowles.

The mayor and all four commissioners voted Tuesday in favor of the ordinance.

If a developer wants to locate an RV park in the city, it would have to be in an area already zoned for mobile home parks, or the area would have to be rezoned, Fowles said.

The ordinance defines a recreational vehicle as a “travel trailer, pickup coach, motorhome, camping trailer or self-contained recreational vehicle.”

An RV park could be no smaller than five acres with 50 feet of buffer space or 25 feet of buffer space on all sides. It also would require direct access to an arterial highway and could not include any permanent housing units.


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