RV Park Schedules 9th Annual Cancer Walk

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Gila Mountain RV Park in Yuma, Ariz., is raising funds for cancer research with its ninth annual Cancer Walk on Thursday (Feb. 3).

According to co-chairwoman Judy Butler, the walk will last from 9 a.m. to noon, the Yuma Sun reported.

The walk is free, but Butler said donations are greatly appreciated. All donations are sent to the Cancer Institute at the national level, she said.

“Each year we seem to collect more and more and get a lot of participants from both in the park and out of the park.”

Butler said the Gila Mountain walk was founded by Irma Almond after she learned her daughter had breast cancer.

The way the walk works, Butler said, is that people walk to different-themed booths around the park to gain different-colored stars to signify their achievement. This year’s themes include American, Canadian, Mexican and Hawaiian.

At the booths will be different types of treats for walkers to eat in order to keep morale high for the walk. Walkers can continuously walk the park until the end of the event to gain more stars.

Butler said the top eight star earners will win a Lance Armstrong wristband. “Last year we had people walk 14 miles.”

Butler said the walk has gained quite a following since the first year. “The first year that we had the walk we had collected $545, and each year it has gone up.

“So far we’ve had almost $12,000 in our eight years, it’s just been going up since.”


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