Judge Sides With RV Park Developer

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KEPR-TV, Pasco, Wash., has reported that a judge ruled against the city of Kennewick in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the city of Kennewick.

The city is on the hook for $3 million plus about a half million dollars in interest, the station reported.

This case dates back four years when operators of the Columbia Park Golf Course began talking about bringing in an RV park to Kennewick, located on the Columbia River in the southern part of the state.

When the idea was squashed, the golf course operator sued the city and won.

The city appealed that decision but the court threw it out along with a motion to lower the price of the judgment.

KEPR Action News obtained a copy of an e-mail exchange between the city attorney and the attorney for the operator.

It offered to resolve this dispute in September for far less than $3 million, so it wasn’t a burden to taxpayers. The city’s response: “duly noted.”

KEPR made calls Thursday to the city’s attorney and those calls have not been returned.


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