RV Park Plan Pitched in North Carolina

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An Asheboro, N.C., family wants to develop an attraction large enough to compliment the extra traffic the future interstates will bring through Randolph County, WGHP-TV, reported.

A 6-acre lake and 106 acres of rolling hills plot the foundation for the proposed park by the Thomas family’s Asheboro home on Old Cedar Falls Road.

“This is not a campground,” said Reynolds Neely, planning director with the city of Asheboro. “It has amenities, recreational facilities, a store and office.”

Other facilities include a vineyard, a 500-seat banquet room and RV lots.

Previous development plans have called for over 400 lots in the proposed park, but this one calls for nearly 200 — 106 lots will be available for RV owners to purchase and another 92 will be available as rental spaces.

City planners say this will be a unique project for Asheboro.

“We estimate that during the year, 900,000 people come to Randolph County not just to visit the zoo, but for other attractions also,” said Hal Johnson with the Randolph County Tourism Authority.

Johnson wants some of the many future travelers to stay for a little while.

“One of the goals of the authority is to make Randolph County a destination,” said Johnson. “People would visit our attractions, spend the night and spend their money here.”

The park could also give the county the opportunity to market to a new demographic.

“Statistics show that more and more people are using RVs as part of their travel experience,” said Johnson. “This would give Randolph County a way of tapping into that market.”

If the plan passes the planning board and city council, the Thomas family would want to build the 50-acre vineyard and wine-tasting room next spring.


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