Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II Announced

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Producers of the first International Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo have released details about their second annual event, scheduled for Nov. 11-12 on the Internet.

“Due to the problems we all experienced with the software, we are pleased to announce that we have found a different software provider,” Producer Art Lieberman stated in a news release. “This company, VCopious of Conshohocken, Pa.,  will set up your booth for you. Simply send them the info you want in the booth and they will actually input that data into your booth for your approval. In addition they will give you two hours of training on how everything works and it will be done a month in advance so that dry runs can be made to make sure everything works correctly. How refreshing!”

Lieberman may have found the right software provider this time around. VCopious announced this week that the company has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 “Technology Start Up of the Year” to be honored at the 18th Annual Enterprise Awards. The Enterprise Awards recognize companies for their innovations, growth potential, leadership, company milestones and track record of achievement. The awards are hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Technology and Capital (PACT). Click here to learn more about the company that will provide the software for the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II.

Lieberman also announced plans for a spring 2012 show, set for Feb. 10-11.

“There will be a multiple expo agreement greatly discounted for you,” Lieberman stated in a an e-mail announcing the shows. “Both shows are live for two  days and on demand for 60 days. All agreements will soon be available on the Expo’s website at

“This year we also will be attempting to get more attendees from outdoor hospitality businesses besides campgrounds. We will be seeking owners or operators of marinas, golf or ski resorts, paddlesports facilities, dude ranches and even the National Park Service. Likewise, we will be seeking extremely high-profile speakers for our webinars with a vast amount of knowledge in diverse fields.”

Lieberman also announced that he has signed the first “Platinum” sponsor for the November expo — David Gorin.

“Never let it be said, even with his vast experience in the campground industry, that David Gorin is not a dynamic individual. Mr. Gorin is past president of ARVC, on the board of the National School of RV Parks and Campground Management, owner of Best Parks in America, a campground owner and, of course, the owner of David Gorin Associates, a consulting firm. David is also on the advisory board of the Expo. Quite a resume!”

To contact Lieberman or Deanne Bower, co-producer, call (877) 901-EXPO (3976),   fax (866) 605-1388 or  visit


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