Alberta City Eyes 125-Site RV Park Plan

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The city council in Airdrie, Alberta, voted Monday (March 21) to direct staff to look into providing sewer and water services to an agricultural and recreational park, the Airdrie City View reported.

Brenda Moon, president of the Airdrie Ag Society, presented the plans for the park, a 150-acre site located about two miles west of Airdrie at the intersection of Big Hill Springs Road and Range Road 14. The park will include arenas, bleachers, barns, a 125-site RV park, a picnic site, playground and pathways.

“Our goal is to have the rural and urban community grow together,” said Moon. “We’d like to work together and partner with the city to fulfil this vision.”

The park has been in the works since 1998, said Moon, and its plan was approved by Rocky View County in September.

“It wasn’t cheap or easy but it is so worth it,” she added. “Twelve years after we started dreaming, here we are. If there is anyone who can pull this off, it’s us.”

The initial capital cost of the park will be about $2.6 million with start-up costs of $1.03 million. However, Moon said the park will provide significant economic impact including jobs and tax revenues.

“For years, we have had this vision and now we have the numbers to back this up,” said Moon. She expects the project to be funded by donations, sponsorships, volunteer efforts, in-kind contributions and overall market growth.

“The Ag Society is one of Airdrie’s best kept secrets and we think the more we get our name out there and let people know what we are doing in the community, like operating the arenas, fall fair, helping 4-H and scholarships, the more support we will get.”

Airdrie is a city of 40,000 located north of Calgary.


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