CalARVC Clarifies California ZIP Code Matter

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Editor’s Note: The following story comes from the current issue of Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates, a weekly publication of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC.

Questions have come into the CalARVC office in regards to a recent California Supreme Court ruling. The Feb. 10 ruling found Williams-Sonoma Inc. violated the state’s credit-card law by asking a customer for her ZIP code. The customer sued the home-goods retailer, contending that it used the zip code to determine her address, which is now contained in the company’s database.

However, certain ZIP code requests are still allowable. For example, asking for a ZIP code when swiping a credit card at a gas station or other ATM terminals is still legal in California as these are high-risk transactions and are used for consumer protection rather than demographic collection.

What does this mean for RV parks and campgrounds in California? California Community Housing regulations for RV parks & campgrounds, the Special Occupancy Parks Act, still requires you to register overnight guests:

Health & Safety Code 18871.9. Every person who owns or operates an incidental camping area with an attendant on the premises shall keep a register in which shall be entered all of the following:

(a) The name and address of the owner or occupant of each recreational vehicle or each person in a camping party.

(b) The make, type and license number of the recreational vehicle and the state in which the recreational vehicle is registered and the year of registration as shown on the license plates attached to it when a recreational vehicle is to be located on a lot.


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