California Harbor Town Braces for Tsunami

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Aerial view of harbor at Crescent City, Calif.

Residents of a northern California harbor town once hit by a deadly tsunami are preparing for another as waves spawned by the massive Japan quake move closer to the western U.S. coast, Associated Press reported.

Fishermen in Crescent City are firing up their crab boats and leaving the harbor to ride out an expected swell, while residents living in a trailer park nearby are heading to higher ground.

Police are cruising low-lying areas, spreading the word to evacuate.

Boat owner John Brunsing says it isn’t so much the swell that’s dangerous but floating piers that get pushed over dock pilings when big waves hit.

Retired insurance agent Steve Wiley who lives at the Bayshore RV Park say he was told of the evacuation by the sheriff who knocked on the door.

A 1964 tsunami killed 11 people in Crescent City.

In Washington, Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters in Grays Harbor County are knocking on doors in low-lying areas of the small coastal community of Moclips, handing out tsunami warning fliers and urging residents to evacuate.

The road to the beach in Moclips is blocked off with yellow tape.

The flier warns “This is not a drill,” adding that an initial tsunami wave of around 3 feet is forecast for the area this morning after a massive earthquake in Japan. And the flier adds, “Following waves are expected to be larger.”

In Pacific County, the sheriff says an orderly evacuation is happening in Long Beach, Ilwaco and Ocean Park.


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