Kansas County Develops RV Park Regs

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Linn County (Kan.) Commissioners discussed options for developing recreational vehicle regulations for Linn County and approved a conditional use permit (CUP) for an RV park at the Linn County Fairgrounds on Monday (March 21), the Osawatomic Graphic reported.

County Counselor Gary Thompson showed the commissioners a copy of the Miami County RV regulations and asked them look them over and include additions or exclude regulations that they did not want.

Thompson said that after the finalized version was ready, the zoning regulations would have to be amended. Commissioner Mike Page said this would standardize it so the county could police it.

To amend the zoning regulations, the RV regulations would have to be published and a public hearing would be held before the planning and zoning commission.

Thompson told the commissioners that while they were thinking about what they wanted in the regulations, he thought it would be OK for them to act on the CUP for the RV park at the fairgrounds if they added a couple of conditions.

The conditions state that the fair board will have to comply with the Linn County regulations and not any federal or state regulations for RV parks that are applicable even when reapplied in two years. They will not be grandfathered in in two years, Thompson said.

Commission Chairwoman Vicki Leonard said her main concern continued to be the wording of the fair board’s regulations about a responsible attendant in charge of the park at all times, who’s responsible for compliance with the regulations.

“I don’t understand how it is going to be managed,” Leonard said.

Fair Board President Wade Teagarden said the board would have someone on call 24 hours a day.

“A committee member will run through there every day,” Teagarden said.

“Somebody representing management should be checking every day,” Thompson said.

Page said he thought it would be helpful if tenants were given information with emergency numbers, including the fire station and management number.

Thompson added it was in the fair board’s interest to check on the park daily or people may be checking in there without them knowing.

Leonard said she would like to see the assurance that someone would be on call for 24 hours.Teagarden said that it would be Kelly Carbon and gave her his phone number.

“This can become a management issue, much more management than just putting the park there and letting people live there,” Leonard said.

The CUP was approved with the conditions that Thompson suggested.


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