Minot Park Owner Braces for Annual Spring Flood

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Click here to watch a video, courtesy of KFYR-TV, Bismarck, N.D., about the following story.

Sandy Boe is frustrated. She purchased the KOA campground near Minot, N.D., in 1985 and from then, until 2004, she didn’t have any flood problems but over the last six years, her campground, and her home have been flooded eight times. It’s an inconvenience for her, but it’s also hurting her business, KFYR-TV, Bismarck, N.D., reported.

“I’ve had to cancel reservations and ask people who were camped here to leave,” Boe explains.

The campground is located southeast of Minot at the bottom of several hills. It also backs up to the Souris River. Boe has flood insurance, but because of her location, no company will underwrite the policy. She says that the insurance was sold to her, but she wasn’t able to get any repairs because she isn’t on the approved foundation.

“I’m built on a slab; I don’t have one of the approved foundations. They only pay for basement level repairs,” she says.

Allen Schlag is a hydrologist for the National Weather Service. He says the newest spring flood predictions show that rural areas will likely see flooding.

“It is very likely that if they flooded before, they’re going to see that same flooding,” says Schlag.

In 2009 and 2010, Boe’s campground had major flooding. She says the water got so high that on her “No Pets” sign, which is about 10 feet high, you could only read the word NO.

The merry-go-round rose off of its base and floated away. Her shed located a few feet from the merry-go-round was mostly underwater.

Boe explains that the serious flooding that she experienced in the past is not helping her future. When campers call her to make reservations, she can’t promise anything because of the flood outlook and she ends up telling them to look somewhere else.

However, this isn’t just her business; it’s also her home. Unfortunately, she knows there will be water but she’s just hoping for a miracle.


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