Mississippi City OK’s Mixed Use for RV Park

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Zoning changes and an ordinance to allow taller signs near Interstate 10 were approved by the Gautier, Miss., city council on Tuesday (March 15), the Mississippi Press reported.

The council backed off a proposed zoning change that would have turned the area around the Santa Maria RV Park, east of Martin Bluff Road and west of the city limits, from residential to a mixed-use commercial area.

With several residents present at City Hall, the council unanimously approved the mixed-use commercial area only for the recreational vehicle park.

Samantha Abell, planning and economic development director, presented the amended ordinance to the council.

“The reason for that is, subsequent to the Planning Commission’s last meeting, the staff has had an opportunity to talk with the residents in the proximity of Roy’s Road,” she said. “Other history came to light.”

Felicia Collins, a Roy’s Road resident, asked the council to provide notice prior to the rezoned area being developed. She said residents didn’t know about the zoning change until they were contacted by Councilman Adam Colledge.

“I think the notification process needs to changed,” she said.

Colledge, who said the notice had been published, asked Abell to look at getting a sign to notify neighborhoods of multi-property rezoning proposals.

“Some people read papers, and some people don’t,” he said.

The same ordinance rezoned the Indian Point RV Park to mixed-use commercial.

An ordinance to rezone about 433 acres from residential to residential estate was approved 6-1.

Councilman Hurley Ray Guillotte voted against the rezoning without comment during the meeting, but later said he objected to the move because it would prevent residents with houses on less than one acre the ability to rebuild if their homes were destroyed.

Abell confirmed Guillotte’s concern and said the city doesn’t have a “relief valve” for homeowners with less than one acre.

Gautier resident Keith Speed asked to the council, “When are you going to quit trying to run all the poor people out of Gautier? You talk about a $350,000 monument up here to honor your veterans. In the next breath you are going to tell those veterans if you can’t afford a $150,000 home, we don’t want you here.”

The estate zone of one acre or larger lots is north of Kingslea Drive and Stockton Circle, and west of Ferry Point Road to the city limits.

The council amended the city‚s sign ordinance to allow 35-foot-tall signs within a half-mile of the Interstate 10 and Miss. 57 interchange.


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