Raging River Threatens California Campground

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Click here to see photos taken at the flood scene, courtesy of KXTV-TV.

It’s known for its view of the river but residents at Lovey’s Landing RV Park & Marina in Meridian, Calif., say the water has crept too close for comfort.

The Sacramento River swamped the park situated inside the levees that protect the Sutter County town of Meridian, KXTV-TV, Sacramento, reported.

“Normally it’s a little piece of paradise but it’s kinda all wet now,” Rhonda Cox said. She manages the park which is covered by up to 6 feet of water in some places.

“The water started coming up a week ago. Then it receded and last night it just came back up again,” Cox explained.

It prompted the shutdown of the park’s restaurant and bar and forced several people to pull their trailers and recreational vehicles to higher ground. Many of them sit on the levee road leading into the park until the water recedes.

James McPhetridge said this is the third flood he’s been through at the park in the last 10 years. The rushing river is running under his trailer about a foot below the floor.

“The last flood we had in 2006 I lost my trailer and my little gold Volvo,” McPhetridge said. “But it’s not in my trailer now and I don’t think it’s going to get in there this year. There’s not much I can do about it. I got my boots on and I have a leaky canoe just in case.”

The park’s boat docks sit just a few feet from Cox’s back deck. She said they’re usually 20 feet below the edge of the river. But they’ve floated up above the shore of the swollen river which measures an estimated 67 feet.

Rising waters have also brought lots of trees and debris into the park. “There’s going to be a lot of silt left behind when the water recedes,” Cox said. “It will take a while to get everything cleaned up. ”

Meanwhile she prays the rainy season is over. “This is part of living on the river,” Cox said. “But here’s something everyone’s been waiting for. The bar will be reopened for business tomorrow at 1.”


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