RV Park to Get Government Aid for Completion

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The Gonzales County Commissioner’s Court in Gonzales, Texas, held a Special Called Meeting on Monday (March 7) in which they voted 3-1 in favor of an Interlocal Agreement with the city of Gonzales to assist the city with the development of J.B. Wells Park, The Gonzales Inquirer reported.

This is a plan to complete the JB Wells RV sites, particularly utilizing some available funds from this year’s city budget to begin work in March. The goal is for the project to be completed in time for the Wrangler Jr. High Rodeo Finals in May.

Commissioner Donnie Brzozowski, who had voted in opposition to the agreement, expressed his concerns.

“When it comes to hauling material, is the city going to reimburse the county for the materials and fuel we’re going to use in assisting them? We all have budgets to work out. If the city didn’t fund enough money for the RV park, maybe they shouldn’t do the project. Now if it was something like a road that washed out, sand for a baseball field, or help with a 4-H show barn, I’d say yes. But when we start doing projects that the city’s going to make money off of, and they’ve already funded in their budget, then why are we taking money from our budgets?”

Brzozowski also expressed dissatisfaction with what he felt was a lack of communication between the commissioners, stating that two commissioners had worked out an arrangement with the city without his knowledge.

“I think it’s important that if the county is going to make a decision on a project like this, then we should all be on board,” added Brzozowski. “I didn’t know about this until a city employee asked me about it. That’s not good communication at all between county commissioners. If we’re going to do something, let’s do it the right way.”

The Commissioner’s Court’s next regular meeting is scheduled for March 14.


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