Sacred Rocks Reserve Announces March Events

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Sacred Rocks Reserve, a unique RV resort and artists’ colony in Southern California, is sponsoring several special programs this month.

From a promotional e-mail comes the following news:

March 19 is the Super Moon

It is called Super Moon because it will be both a full moon, and at its perigee. The perigee moon is when the moon is at its closest to earth during its monthly orbit. The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter. Come see it without the light pollution of the city at Sacred Rocks Reserve.

March 12, Torch Balled Silver Bracelet

Phyllis Schoenberger, award winning jewelry designer. Class fee due at registration – $30; Material Cost averaging $20.

March 26, Scenic Photography

Hone your outdoor photography skills in the beautiful high desert setting of Sacred Rocks Reserve. Led by award-winning travel photographer David Muenker, the four-hour workshop focuses on composition and use of natural light. David starts the session with a guided orientation, highlighting specific scenic photography techniques. Participants have two hours to photograph the area, followed by BYO Lunch, open discussion and wrap-up.

March 26, Writing with the Senses

Tap into your creative writing genius in this four-hour workshop with award-winning travel writer Rose Muenker. Using Sacred Rocks Reserve’s high desert nature trails, live oak grove and meditative labyrinth as inspiration, participants will learn how to enrich their writing using all their senses. The session starts with an orientation to the grounds, followed by writing instruction, individual writing, BYO lunch, group discussion and wrap up.


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