Talladega RV Park Plan Draws Opposition

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Establishment of an RV park was one of the issues that brought out a slew of Talladega County, Ala., residents who packed the pews of the courtroom for Monday night’s (March 28) County Commission meeting, the Talladega Daily Home reported.

Resident Patsy Lagen opposes the establishment of an RV park on Willingham Road.

Lagen handed to commissioners information packets that included numerous maps, photos, and documentation including an original letter sent by residents to the landowner, Mike Horton.

Lagen said that Horton currently has plans to turn a 15-acre property located in Clear Creek on Logan Martin Lane into an 80-spaced RV park and campground regardless of its negative implications on local residents.

“We are very adamantly opposed to that for many reasons,” Lagen said.

“Eighty spaces on 15 acres is a real threat to all of us as far as boating and our property values.”

Lagen gave the commissioners a detailed overview of the problems and dangers the RV park could pose to local wildlife and to the boating community nearby.

When the issue of property covenants came up on the discussion, it became clear that Horton had the power to change those covenants whichever way he wanted making little room for the commission to act.

However, District 1 Commissioner Jackie Swinford encouraged Lagen to speak if they were given a variance hearing from the Alabama Health Department in regards to the sanitation and septic requirements for the property.


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