City Faces Underused, Primitive Public Campground

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The Peterborough, Ontario, city council continued its in-depth review of city services Tuesday night (April 5) and studied Beavermead Campground, a city-owned primitive campground.

Mary Gallop, facilities and special projects manager, said the city has started a request-for-proposals process to find a consultant to complete a cost-benefit analysis on the campground, The Peterborough Examiner reported.

The consultant that’s chosen will do an analysis of the city-owned campground on Little Lake, compare the campground with other campgrounds and talk to campers about the service, Gallop said.

“Is that the best use of that campground acreage?” she said. “If not, then what should we be doing with that parkland acreage?

“Is there still a market for urban campgrounds?”

A report on the item would go to council in the fall, Gallop said.

Councilman Dan McWilliams prompted the statements from Gallop when he asked about the level of use at the campground that’s owned and operated by the city.

There were three seasonal campers that rented sites for the entire season last year compared to 15 years ago when seasonal campers used about 70% of the 95 sites and transient campers used the remaining 30%, Gallop said.

“We did not have anywhere near campground capacity last year,” she said.

The city hasn’t put much money into Beavermead Campground, said Councilman Keith Riel, an Ashburnham Ward representative.

“I’ve always maintained that this is a jewel that’s in the city,” he said.

Gallop explained that urban campgrounds usually attract trailers and those campers want water connections, sewer connections, wireless Internet and power connection options on site – services not currently provided by the city at Beavermead.

People have to book months in advance to get a campsite at provincial parks, Coun. Lesley Parnell said.

“I do see a fantastic future for the land at Beavermead,” she said. “Obviously there’s an opportunity there that we’re missing out on.”


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