Dump Station is First Step Toward New RV Park

April 11, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Dump Station is First Step Toward New RV Park

The city of Kimberly, Idaho, doesn’t have a place for people to park their RVs and stay for a while, just yet.

But they’re hoping It can soon become a reality, KMVT-TV, Twins Falls, reported.

The city has applied to the Idaho Parks and Recreation for an RV dump grant.

They’re hoping to put in the RV dump on the corner of Monroe and Ash.

It would provide a service for people who are coming out of the South Hills, as well as for people to use if their kids are involved in sporting events.

If that grant is successful, the city would like to put in a couple of overnight RV parking sites, next to that area.

They’ll find out if they get that grant or not, the middle of April.


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