Floodwaters Threaten Utah RV Park

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The Blacksmith Fork River in parts of southwest Logan, Utah, reached flood stages early today (April 18), and crews were racing to contain the flowing waters, the Herald Journal reported.

At 10:30 a.m. firefighters began building a containment wall to slow the flooding at Riverside RV Park and Campground near 600 West and 1700 South.

At least a foot of water was seen inundating several trailers at the park – though damage was not extensive. Logan Fire Marshal Craig Humphreys said crews will use a brand new, locally-developed technology to try to minimize the flooding.

About 150 feet of Muscle Wall will be built just south of the river at the trailer park. The containment system uses plastic barricades which interlock to form a barrier. The units are then filled with water and covered in plastic.

“Our primary operation has been to monitor the bridges,” said Logan Fire Marshal Craig Humphreys. “There’s been a lot of debris that’s been coming down the rivers that gets hung up on the bridges.”

Hydrograph figures for the river show water levels above 7.5 feet for the Blacksmith Fork River – exceeding flood stage by nearly a foot.

Data for the Logan River show levels well below bank-full levels. The latest value shows 580 cubic feet per second. Flood stage is 1350 CFS.


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  1. Camper Glamis on April 18th, 2011 8:18 pm

    I salute them for being prepared enough to give a solution to this problem especially when it arises again. Good thing that firefighters are also present and alert that already built the needed walls. Will these walls be permanent though?