High Water Floods Alberta Campground

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Spring flooding near Camrose, southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, has swallowed up nearly 300 campsites and an entire golf course, CBC News reported.

Gene Williams, standing in hip waders and rubber boots in knee-deep water, said the water came suddenly on Tuesday afternoon and is up to nearly 6 feet deep in some places.

Underneath the water is the campground that he and his wife own outside of New Norway called Silver Creek Golf Course and Campground.

“Unbelievable, some of the amount that’s on there. Looking down the road to the north here, that’s a road, it’s not a waterway,” said Williams.

Many campers keep RVs on the site year-round, and Williams and his workers were able to get some of the trailers out.

But he said around 25 are still in there, too deep to get out.

“We thought there’d be some flooding, but like Gene said, not the magnitude that it came with and as fast,” said wife Marie Williams.

She said they won’t know how badly the trailers are damaged until the water recedes.

Gene said he’s sure the flood will hurt their business.

“It’s going to change our business for part of the year, anyways … it may change further than that. Who knows?”

Right now, he’s just waiting for the water to go down. Then he’ll start to collect the picnic tables and other loose items that have floated away.

“Like, we’ve seen one go out the gate there the other day. It’s in the farmer’s field now, I think.”

Rising waters have swamped a large swath of the Prairies in the last week, in some cases leading to evacuations.

Officials have said the water levels should drop over the next two weeks.


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