High Water Strands Cincinnati Campers

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Crews with the Hamilton County Park District in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, worked to help some campers get out of a precarious situation over the weekend.

The campers were unable to drive out of a campground in Winton Woods, WLWT-TV, Cincinnati, reported. A park ranger noticed the exit road for the campers flooded overnight Saturday, making it impassable.

“It flooded the two back roads to the campground,” said Rick Schneider, one of the stranded campers. “They’re both flooded under probably 8 feet of water, so we’re stuck back here.”

Rangers said the 12 campers can walk out of the campground through a wooded area, but can’t drive their camper out. Chief Ranger Steve Newsom said the campers were not in any danger.

“Right now there’s no real concern, just being patient until we get enough gravel down to make it passable,” Newsom said.

Newsom said he has been a park ranger for 31 years and has never seen something like this happen.

Rangers hope to have the gravel road built to get the campers out safely.


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