Rabid Bobcat Attacks Dogs at Arizona Campground

April 27, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Rabid Bobcat Attacks Dogs at Arizona Campground

Arizona Game and Fish officials confirmed a bobcat that attacked a couple of dogs at a campground has tested positive for rabies.

The incident happened April 21 at Seven Springs Campground near Bartlett Lake, KPHO TV, Phoenix, reported.

Officials said the campers reported that the bobcat wandered into their campsite, then got into a fight with two of their dogs. One of the campers got in the middle of it to separate the animals and then shot and killed the bobcat.

Two campers were either bitten or scratched in the scuffle, though it’s uncertain whether the injuries were caused by the bobcat or the dogs. They have been advised to get rabies shots.

Signs have been posted at the campsite alerting campers to the rabid bobcat incident.

Officials warned anyone camping in the area should pay close attention to any wild animals that are behaving oddly, especially if they appear to have lost their fear of humans.


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