RV Park’s Wireless Plan Spurs Citywide Effort

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Carrollton, Ky., could take a big technology step next week when Mayor Gene McMurry proposes a plan to the city council that would establish a citywide wireless network.

McMurry said the plan is to put up five wireless antennas around the city for public use. Each antenna would have a signal range of around two miles. If necessary, a sixth one would be put up, The Madison (Ind.) Courier reported.

The plan grew out of a smaller plan for the Two Rivers RV Park. McMurry said he was getting estimates on what it would cost to put in wireless Internet at the campground. After some thought, McMurry decided to get an estimate on the rest of Carrollton, a city of 4,000 located on the Ohio River midway between Cincinnati and Louisville.

The equipment and installation costs will be $4,202.31, which would be a one-time expense. The cost for keeping the wireless Internet operational would be $180 a month and would be paid by the city.

“We’re not going to take little segments and provide it for them. If we’re going to provide for some, we’re going to provide for all,” McMurry said.

Currently, free wireless Internet is provided to the downtown merchants through the Main Street Program. Director Sam Burgess said the cost of providing Internet to the whole city is about the same as for downtown.

But the wireless Internet is not going to be set up on a secure network.

“You can get on and do your emails, you can check Google, you can do the news, kids can play games,” McMurry said.

Since the network will not be secure, it can easily be tapped into by hackers. So things such as online banking, bill payment or anything else that involves money should not be done through the public connection.

McMurry said some brick homes will have troubles picking up the signal. The city will have transponders that residents can pick up that will boost the signal in their homes.

The idea will go to the City Council Monday for a vote. If approved, McMurry said, the wireless network could be established within a month.


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