RVers Schmarder/Polks Form Joint Venture

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Mark and Dawn Polk

Combining forces to offer RVing consumers a learning resource for using and maintaining their RVs as well as discovering interesting RV destinations and delicious dishes, RV Education 101 ( and “RV Cooking Show” ( aim to help RVers become RV savvy in more ways than one through their new partnership.

Evanne Schmarder

“RV Education 101” is a leading provider of educational videos, books and RV information and is also the producer of “Mark’s RV Garage,” an Internet television how-to series teaching RVers the ins and outs of RVing.

“The RV Cooking Show,” part RV travel guide, part cooking class on wheels, widely available across the Internet on a number of popular RVing websites as well as the “RV Cooking Show” site, shares information about not-to-be missed RV destinations and shows RVers how to create fantastic destination-related dishes in their own RV kitchens.

“It’s a great fit for both of our audiences. There’s more to RVing than the RV itself,” Mark and Dawn Polk, co-owners of RV Education 101, stated in a news release. “We want to offer technical information but we also want to provide relevant information on the entire scope of RVing. The joint venture with ‘RV Cooking Show’ is a great way to help educate consumers about many aspects of RVing and for people new to RVing to see firsthand what it’s all about.”

“Partnering with industry experts such as the Polks is a tremendous benefit to our audience. Their experience in RV know-how paired with our traveling and dining expertise serves viewers a well-rounded diet of RV smarts,” remarked Evanne Schmarder, producer and host of the “RV Cooking Show.” “We are absolutely delighted to be associated with RV Education 101 and ‘Mark’s RV Garage.’”

Dawn Polk added, “RV Education 101 is the industry’s voice on operational and safety issues and RV Cooking Show is the industry’s voice on must-see destinations and location-related food preparation in the RV kitchen. RVers are hungry for both categories – travel and meal planning/preparation along with RV knowledge and information.”

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