Texas Campground’s Income Up 60% in 2010

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Campsites at Lake Jacksonville in East Texas are a money saver for many vacationers and a money maker for the city of Jacksonville.

Reservations for the highly demanded sites are now available with spaces for RVs, tents and shelters.

“It’s a little busier this year than it has been,” said Parks and Recreation Director Ben Briley. “I think in a lot of ways, the warm burst of weather we had kicked people into the camping mode.”

The campground’s use has risen steadily over the last three years, according to City Finance Manager Freddy Thomas, and generated more than $44,000 for Jacksonville, Texas, in 2010 – an increase of more than 60% since 2009, the Jacksonville Daily Progress reported.

“It is a popular destination. There’s a lot of regulars who like to go out and spend the weekend,” Thomas said. “The lake in general, I think, is a good asset for the city – pretty setting and pretty views. It’s just a nice, picturesque environment.”

The scenery offered by locations like the campgrounds and the lake is something tourism educator Breezy Lake, the Hospitality Management Administration Director at Lon Morris, said local areas should embrace.

Lake said the interesting and unique features of the lake, its campground and local festivals, are an important resource, not only to cities looking for tourism dollars, but for area residents to save money and have fun.

“I think this a prime time for rural tourism,” she said. “People don’t have to get in their cars and drive. They can stay right here in our community and go to festivals and go to the farmer’s market and Lake Jacksonville.”

Briley said he expects to see interest and attendance at the campground continue to grow through the summer.

“I think if the current trend we’ve got continues, we’ll see more people,” he said. “ It’s just the convenience and ease.”


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