Texas RV Park Developer Fights Several Issues

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Between Kleberg Park and the Stone Brook neighborhood in Kingsville, Texas, lies a patch of land that’s the source of a three-fold problem.

Frederick Bigelow says a developer plans to put an RV resort in the empty lot that lies between his neighborhood and Kleberg park, KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi, reported.

But Bigelow says his home value is not the issue. To build the RV park on the lot, the city would have to rezone the land for commercial property. It’s something Bigelow doesn’t want to see happen. “If the RV park goes away, it could be one of a multitude of different activities that could be sitting here right on the border of our park,” he said.

The park itself is the second issue. Bigelow fears the RV park would bring criminal activity to the area putting his grandchildren and others in danger. “Kids play here spring, summer, and fall from morning noon and night and you can’t keep your hand on your kid all the time,” Bigelow explained. Residents of the RV park would also get their own entrance to Kleberg Park which is causing some safety concerns for park goers.

The third problem is on Highway 77. The RV park would require an extra-wide entry lane so motorhomes can accelerate and get onto the highway safely, but Bigelow sees the safety lane doing more harm than good. “We would like to see an RV park in Kingsville, but at another location that has easy access, does not impact our park, doesn’t impact us,” said Bigelow.

People and businesses against the RV park have signed a petition that will be presented to the county and city comissioners who have yet to decide if they’ll approve the changes.

The county commissioners should be deciding whether to add that entry lane at their next meeting. Then it’s up to the city commissioners to decide if they’ll rezone the land.


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