City Comments on Offer to RV Park Developer

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The city of Kennewick, Wash., vs. the Columbia Park Golf Course Inc. has been an ongoing lawsuit, costing taxpayers thousands in accrued interest every day it drags out, KNDU-TV, Kennewick, Wash., reported.

The newest offer is $2.4 million. The Kennewick City Council unanimously approved the amount and sent the offer over to Gary Long Jr.’s attorney Tuesday night (April 19).

Long, the president of Columbia Park Golf Course Inc., won a lawsuit with the city after they prevented him from building an RV park on the golf course. He was awarded $2.9 million…a judgement, city officials did not agree with. They are now in the process of appealing.

Each day they don’t pay long, interest accrues and is now standing at $650,000.

Kennewick City Attorney, Lisa Beaton said, “This is a reasonable offer. It’s a lot of money, but it doesn’t mean that the city is backing off its position and its legal argument. it just means the city is trying to reach a compromise.”

Beaton says the amount is the middle-ground for the negotiations that have been going on since the judgement came down. Gary Long Jr.’s attorney, Nick Kovarik, did not return KNDU’s calls. Beaton says if Long accepts the settlement, they can pay him as early as April 29.


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