WifiRVFriends Launches Social Media Platform

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A new network, available to resorts, RV’ers and RV product and service providers at, uses patent-pending technology to bridge the gap between social networking and face-to-face interaction, according to a news release from WifiRVFriends.

The new location-based platform serves any resort that provides a Wi-Fi connection. It creates a secure and dynamic way for guests to meet new friends online and, where desired, in person. Resorts gain a means to communicate in real-time with their guests. The platform creates new ad revenue for resort owners and highly-targeted new marketing options for product and service providers, who must offer an exclusive discount to RV users in order to advertise on the WifiRVFriends site.

Today’s launch of makes location and interest-specific social networking available from leading RV parks and locations nationwide.

“The RV lifestyle is taking a giant step into the 21st century with,” said Ron Lundquist, manager of the Boise-Meridian Idaho RV Resort. “The RV community, both on the resort and guest side, have long awaited a true virtual connection to facilitate their many needs.”

Ron Lundquist

“The archaic days of managers taping weekly flyers to shower room doors are soon going by the wayside,” Lundquist continued. “Now managers and guests can have open lines of communication. Guests can find friends easily throughout their travels. Guest services will expand to national horizons.

“As a resort manager, I find that the virtual side of RV lifestyles has not kept up with the fast-changing marketplace. Now I can inform my guests of resort and area activities, assist them with a recommended service directory, alert them to severe weather changes and provide a virtual gathering place. With WifiRVFriends, our traveling guests will find the complete RV experience to be truly enjoyable.”

“We’re creating a means for RV users to create mobile communities of users with similar interests,” says CEO Dave Brown. “We’re making it easy to find others with common interests who are right around you that you’d otherwise not have the opportunity to know.”

Basic membership is free, with a VIP option for $6.99 a month that facilitates keyword searches to allow users to focus more heavily on the profiles of the others they most want to meet. The premium version of WifiRVFriends also includes the “Crossroads” feature that lets users set up travel plans that mesh and correspond with other RV users’ plans.


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