Woodalls’ Sweepstakes Offering Bonus Cash

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Are you fluent in “txtese?”

No, it is not some forgotten language spoken only on a certain island in the South Pacific. “Txtese” or “texting” is a growing method of communication in which people use their cell phones to send quick little messages, often using abbreviations and symbols, according to a news release.

If you have ever seen someone “LOL” or say “BRB” or ask what “UR DOIN 2MROW?” you have seen “texting,” and the number of people using texts to communicate is growing. According to a Neilson Study, the typical U.S. phone subscriber sends and receives more text messages than telephone calls within the year. Over 72.2% of wireless users have a text message package with their phones, which equates to 203 million Americans, and 138 million of those Americans report having sent a text message in the past three months.

Text messages have the capacity to be a powerful tool to promote your business and market your park or campground to an army of consumers with cell phones in hand. To help RV parks and campgrounds take advantage of this new marketing medium, Woodall’s is putting on a special contest in conjunction with the “Search for North America’s Favorite Campground” Sweepstakes running this year to get consumers buzzing and texting about parks and campgrounds throughout North America

Here is how the sweepstakes works:

Each privately owned park listed in the 2011 Woodall’s North America Campground Directory received a sweepstakes kit, containing information to promote the contest and their park, and a personalized cell phone code and instructions on how voters can text their entries. To text their vote, users text the words MYFAV and a parks special code listed on the posters to the number given. Campers can also go to and vote for their favorite parks online. The top 100 parks will be announced in November at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds convention in Savannah, Ga., and the winning campground will receive an all inclusive seven-day Hawaiian cruise for two. Also, Woodall’s is awarding $100 to the campground that receives the votes each month leading up to November.

Plus, as an extra bonus, Woodall’s is running a special promotion for May to generate even more votes. Campgrounds with the most Sweepstakes votes TEXTED in from May 1 to May 31, will receive $500 cash. The second place park or campground will receive $300, and the third place park will win $200. And these cash prizes are only the tip of the iceburg. Woodall’s is still offering a seven-day Hawaiian cruise for two to the campground that receives the most text and online votes overall for 2011.

With the new “May Bonus Cash” contest and the ongoing monthly contest, park owners who promote their parks and get campers to text in their votes can win up to $600. Then, with enough votes, they could win the Cruise in November. Now is the best time to become fluent in “txtese” and get campers and guests to vote for your business in the “Search for North America’s Favorite Campground” Sweepstakes.

For more information about the Sweepstakes, the “May Bonus Cash” contest and tips on how to maximize your campground’s personalized poster and cell phone code, contact your regional Woodall’s representative, or the Woodall’s office at (800) 323-9076 (while supplies last). But hurry, as this special Text contest and the $500 only lasts until May 31.


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