Bradley Corp. Washfountains Nab U.K. Awards

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Gents toilet

The distinctive and classic-looking washfountain that put Bradley Corp. on the map as a handwashing innovator 90 years ago lives on today as the focal point of one of the trophy-winning restrooms honored in Britain’s 2010 Loo of the Year Awards (

Ladies toilet

In search of the very best “away-from-home” toilets in the UK, the 23rd annual Loo of the Year Award program, organized by the British Toilet Association, awarded pub chain owner JD Wetherspoon the top honor as overall trophy winner for 2010, according to a news release from Bradley, which also supplies products to the RV park and campground industry.

The men’s and women’s loos in JD Wetherspoon’s Justice Mill Pub in Aberdeen, Scotland – which both feature sleek and modern renditions of Bradley’s historic washfountain – were highlighted among the crowned “thrones.” (

“The UK’s hospitality sector is placing significantly increasing importance on provision of first class toilets that contain the facilities their customers need and expect when visiting their premises,” says Mike Bone, Loo Awards managing director. “Wetherspoon’s is continually raising the bar within this sector providing excellent and unique toilets in its pubs throughout the UK.”

Wetherspoon, which runs 790 pubs across the U.K., won the Loo Award out of over 1,400 entries, including restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and government buildings. The pub chain is known for transforming various buildings, such as cinemas, funeral parlors, opera houses and courthouses, into stunning and distinctive pub environments.

“We set out to achieve an elegant and contemporary design aesthetic, and maximize space in the ladies’ and gents’ toilets in the Justice Mill. We chose Bradley’s Circular Classic Washfountains

in stainless steel for their uniquely beautiful and sleek style,” says Eddie Gershon, JD Wetherspoon spokesperson. “As it turns out, the Washfountains have become shining center pieces – and conversation pieces – in our restrooms.”

In addition to its unique design, the Washfountain is also easier and less expensive to install than most individual lavs. One fixture, which can accommodate up to eight people at once, has only one connection for hot, cold and waste plumbing, whereas eight individual basins would require a total of 24 connections. This space-saving technology also translates into conserved water, since the Washfountain has fewer connections and a lower flow rate per user. Since its infrared sensors automatically shut off the water supply after a user’s hands are removed from the bowl, water is never left accidentally running.

Beyond design and functionality, Gershon adds that JD Wetherspoon is a big proponent of cleanliness in the loo. “Our pubs are notorious for keeping up best appearances in our restrooms – we have our employees check, restock and tidy up our bathrooms every half hour.”

That reputation for keeping orderly and well-designed restrooms appears to have helped JD Wetherspoon clean up in the Loo Awards.


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