Campers Help RVer Save His Rig in Flood

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Flash flooding in Fries, Va., on May 13 nearly washed away a small camper at the New River RV Park, WSLS-TV, Roanoke, reported.

The camper belongs to Tim Bost, who traveled from Salisbury, N.C., and is on vacation with his family.

“I waded through the water and found it very precariously balanced on a rock, where all the soil had washed away from it,” said Bost.

“It had already eroded the gravel out from under it, and it was beginning to move a little bit,” said Tom Guy, campground owner.

Guy spent the morning pushing a log into place to act as a barricade from the nearby stream, in case of future flooding.

Next, a cluster of rocks were spread along the base of the log. It is another precautionary measure taken in the aftermath of a flash flood that left campers with a mighty mess to clean up.

“We found out that one of the culverts was stopped up, and I had to dislodge that debris. And that helped alleviate the rain or the water that was in the road,” said Guy.

Bostcould not help but think about the assistance of nearly a dozen other campers, and Guy to save his camper.

“There was a real effort. Everyone was out, all the campers were out trying to do what they could do basically to save my camper. When I arrived, it was pretty miraculous,” said Bost.

The New River RV Park is back open for business.


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